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Reduce Hair Shedding with this Avocado-Amla Hair Mask Recipe

This Avocado-Amla Hair mask recipe is prefect if you want to; 

  • Reduce hair shedding 
  • Increase moisture retention
  • Have thicker and fuller hair 
  • Reduce hair loss 
  • Promote hair growth 

Amla has many amazing benefits  for helping to reduce hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. The list of beneficiaries can be found in this blog post.

However due to the high concentration of vitamin C in Amla means it can be drying on the hair when used on its own. This is why the Avocado-Amla hair recipe is a perfect combination. The moisturising fatty acids from the avocado together with the minerals from the Amla powder will help to strengthen, moisturise  the hair, reduce excess shedding and help with moisture retention. 

Avocado-Amla Hair Mask Recipe 

2Tbs of Avocado Powder Hair Mask  (or use half an avocado) 

1Tbs of Amla Powder 

1 Tbs  Avocado oil 

1/4 cup hot water 

Add all ingredients into a bowl and mix well. 

Have longer hair just double the recipe 


  1. After cleansing hair with Botanical Shampoo Bar 
  2. Divide hair into small sections 
  3. Apply the mixture to the scalp and entire hair from root to tip
  4. cover the hair with plastic cap and towel 
  5. Leave the mask on for 30mins-1hr  (heat cap is optional) 
  6. Rinse hair out  thoroughly with water, make sure they are no particles left in the hair
  7. Continue with the rest of your washday routine. 

Important Notes 

Make sure you do a patch test before you try any herb, although ingredients are natural they may still cause allergies. You can do a patch test by applying some of the mask to the inside of your wrist to see if any irritation occurs. For Best results this mask should be used consistently for at least  4weeks or 4 washdays. 


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