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Moisturise and Restore Conditioner Booster

Did you know that you could also add your moisturise and restore  avocado hair mask to your favourite conditioner to give it that extra boos of moisture.

Key Tips.

  • Always mix with boiling hot water to get a nice smooth consistency
  • If the mixture appears to be too thick for your liking you can always add more hot water but just a dash at a time. 



  • Add 2Tbs of Rejuvenate and Restore Hair Mask to a bowl 
  • Add 3 Tbs of boiling hot water 
  • Mix until smooth 
  • Add 1/2 Tbs of Botanical Pre-Shampoo Hair Serum (optional)
  • Mix until smooth 
  • Apply mixture directly to scalp and the the roots of yours hair all the way to the tip 
  • Cover head with a shower cap  and heat cap and leave in for 30min-1hr 
  • Rinse hair thoroughly. 

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