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12 Week Update “Operation Grow Your Hair Back’

Operation grow your hair back; 12 week Update

Yes I know it's been a while since I wrote my last blog post, but it’s with good reason I promise. 

So we started the hair growth challenge “Operation Grow Your Hair Back”  April of this year. 

The whole point  of doing this hair care challenge is to one; be intentional about our hair care regimen and routines and two to do it with consistency to see what type of results we would get and to also  be  able to hold ourselves accountable for our hair growth journey. 

We were all supposed to 1. state what our goals were and 2.  take before pictures so we could track our progress. 

Well today I would like to share my 12 week update so far from the challenge and tell you exactly what i did  in this and upcoming blog posts, so make sure you stay tuned by  making sure you are signed up to our mailing list. 

Okay the first question I want to answer is how did I get here in the first place after I’ve  made so much progress from growing my hair back from CCC Alopecia. 

My answer is pretty simple, I fell back into my old habits again, I became complacent and started experimenting AGAIN!!! And guess what I ended up back where I started from. 

So I remember when the  whole rice water trend started maybe back in 2015-1016 and I decided to try it on my hair and guess what my hair hated it, my hair literally felt like  dry straw so i said to myself nope never again. 

Fast forward to 2020 the rice water challenge kept popping up on my Youtube news  feed, then I thought you know what, maybe I didn’t do it properly last time. This time I’m going to do my proper research and do this rice water thing properly. 

I made my fermented rice water, I even diluted  it by 90% with water to make sure I wasn’t using too much, but guess what, my hair still didn’t like it and I ended up bald headed AGAIN!!!

Not only was i frustrated  I was also  embarrassed, this is what lead me to to start the hair growth challenge “Operation Grow Your Hair Back” 

Now I’m not saying that rice water is bad as I’m sure it has given many people amazing results, however what I am saying is that just because something is natural doesn’t mean that it's always going to work or it for everyone . So I would say, lesson  definitely learned no more rice water for me ever. 

Moving forward 

Now if you suffer from any type of inflammation hair loss such as scarring alopecia or CCCA Alopecia you need to be extremely careful about what you put onto your hair and scalp. Anything that may trigger any sensitivity or inflammation would eventually lead to hair loss. 

So what does this mean, please do not just jump on bandwagons or new trends even if  people are achieving amazing results, even if it's all natural or not. 

So how did I manage to grow my hair back? 

Well it's pretty simple. I followed the steps that I outlined in the “Operation Growth Your Hair Back Challenge” every wash day since April. I used the ingredients that I know work and are specific to helping to combat hair loss.

When you suffer from alopecia or any type of inflammation hair loss gravitating towards fast hair growth remedies aren’t  always the answer. You need to address the big elephant in the room first “what is causing the hair loss in the first place”.once you have addressed that then you can proceed onto speeding up your hair growth. 

Washday Routine 

1, Double Cleanse the scalp (Recipe here) 

2. Pre-Poo the hair (Recipe here) 

3. Shampoo the hair using (Cooling Botanical infused shampoo bar)  

4 Clarify the hair every 6 weeks (Triple Clay Mask Mask) 

5; Protein trreatment with Moisturise and Restore Hair Mask every six weeks 

3. Rejuvenate and Restore Hair Kit 

4, Cold Tea rinsing with (Strengthen and Condition Botanical Tea Hair Rinse) 

Rejuvenate and Restore Hair Kit 

Speaking of hair care routines we are proud to introduce our new Rejuvenate and Restore Hair Kit. It has everything continently in a kit for you to eat you started on your journey to combating hair loss. The Rejuvenate and Restore Hair is specifically for those who are looking for an all natural treatment for combating alopecia or inflammation hair loss such as CCCA alopecia. 

So what’s included in the kit 

1x 50g  Clarify and Condition Triple Clay Mask

2x 40g Rejuvenate and Restore Avocado Pulp Hair Mask

1x 40g Strengthen and Condition Botanical Tea Hair Rinse   


So I will be giving you another update very soon  and will be going into more detail about  how I use the Rejuvenate and Restore Hair Mask Kit  as well as other things I have been doing as well to really help me along with my hair journey. 

Please bear in mind that hair growth is a journey not just a destination. We want to go from hair loss to waist length and I believe it is possible. So if you haven’t joined the “Operation Grow Your Hair Back Challenge” be sure to sign up to our mailing list so you can be kept updated with what's going on in the challenge. 

So I have a few questions for you? 

  1. Have you joined the “grow your hair back challenge'' and what have your results  been so far? 
  2. Have you tried any of the recipes in the challenge? 
  3. What hair trend have you followed that ended up being detrimental to your hair growth journey? 

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