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Benefits of Amla for Hair Growth


Are you constantly experiencing hair shedding, every time you touch your hair you consistently keep pulling out hair strands?  Do you have a sore scalp, thinking hair your crown area that may be due to CCCA Alopecia? Then Amla may be one of teh best natural treatments for you. 

Amla Also commonly known as Indian gooseberries is a natural Ayurvedic herb that has been used for centuries as a natural treatment for hair loss.  Amal helps to strengthen the hair and scalp, reduces hair loss, stimulates hair growth and boosts hair volume. 

Benefits of Amla 

  • Amla is very high in vitamin C, E and antioxidants. 
  • Amla helps to block 5alpha reductase enzymes which means less DHT. 5 alpha reductase enzymes are commonly linked to female and male pattern hair loss. 
  • 1% of Amla in a solution increased hair follicle count by over 97% which means hair will appear thicker and fuller with consistent use. 
  • Can help to reduce premature greying. 
  • Antimicrobial, anti inflammatory  which helps to speed up the healing of wounds and cuts on the scalp specially Iif you have CCCA alopecia. 
  • Studies done on rats  have shown that Amla is more effective than minoxidil (Rogain)  which is a common steroid for treating CCCA alopecia.
  • Due to high vitamin C content Amla helps to stimulates collagen production
  • Is High in Photo-nutrients vitamins and minerals helps to increase blood circulation on the scalp and stimulate hair growth. 
  • Helps to restore hair moisture

How can i get the most out  of Amla, 

You can apply Amla topical as well as  internally as a supplement (please seek medical advice before taking any dietary supplements)  

Amla for hair growth Supplement

I myself have been doing both over  that last few weeks and have seen amazing results already. Our Avocado-Amla  Hair Mask recipe can really help you to reduce hair shedding, reduce moisture and strengthen the hair with just four uses. Check out the simple recipe here. 

So I have a few Questions for you? 

  1. Have you ever tried incorporating Amla into your haircare regimen? 
  2. Have you ever tried Amla as a hair growth supplement 
  3. Have you tried our Rejuvenate and Restore Hair Kit 


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