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Step 5: Operation Grow Your Hair Back

Completing Phase 1 
Wash Day Routine
Operation grow your hair back. 


Wash days can sometimes seem like a long winded task that most don’t  look forward to, but me on the other hand, I always look forward to wash days, cause it mean i get to play around in my hair and have some scheduled me time. 

However for most people, the longer and Kinkyer your hair is the more tedious wash days can be. 

Our  beliefs at kinkyfro Botanicals is  that wash days should feel more like a mini spa day, plus wash day is the most important day of your haircare routine,  as it sets the tone for the rest of your hair care needs and behaviour before your next wash. 

Every step of your wash day routine should have a system, purpose and More importantly consistency, I myself have tried to keep my wash days  as simple as possible by following and doing what works best and changing it little as possible and when it's needed. 

So this will be the wash  day routine that I will be following for the next six months of this challenge and will be updating you with any changes I make along the way. 

I typically wash my hair every one -two weeks, and i put my hair in cornrows throughout the week,this helps me to avoid over manipulation of my hair.  

Wash Day Routine 

  1. Pre-Cleanse the scalp  with Pre-Cleansing Scalp Serum 
  2. Pre-Poo  the hair Pre-Shampoo Hair Serum
  3. Cleanse the hair and scalp  using the Botanical Shampoo Bar 
  4. Deep Condition and treat the hair with Avocado Pulp Powder Hair Mask, look up recipes here 
  5. Cold rinsing using Botanical Tea Hair Rinse 
  6. Moisturise and seal the hair 

Keeping my wash day routine simple means that I can stay consistent and the only thing that I tend to alter will be how I condition my hair. Depending on whether I need more protein, hydration or trying to combat specific hair issues.  You can get really creative when using the Avocado Pulp Hair mask, you can find many recipes here. 

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