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How to Cleanse and Clarify your hair when you have CCCA or Scaring Alopecia

In todays blog blogs we are going to be discuss the difference between cleansing and clarifying and the best routine and natural ingredients to use when you suffer form CCCA Alopecia, Scarring Alopecia or Female patten balding. 


The first step in your haircare regimen is washing your hair and scalp. This where we get to get rid of the the build up of excess oils, dirt, unclog our hair follicles to achieve a nice and clean healthy scalp. However, we need to make sure we are doing it right.

When you suffer from hair loss such as CCCA alopecia, scarring alopecia or female pattern balding,  how you cleanse your hair, how often and what key ingredients you use are very important.

There are so many ways to cleanse the hair and scalp, but we are going to stick with the basics of cleansing and clarifying.


Cleansing vs Clarify

Quite often many of us will use a moisturising shampoo, this basically means that we are cleansing the surface of our hair and scalp without completely striping them of its natural oils.

Clarifying on the other hand is when you completely remove all forms of oils and build on the hair and scalp, think of it as a completely new and fresh start.

What types of  natural products should you use to cleanse and clarify the hair for CCCA, Scarring alopecia  or female pattern balding?

Before we go into that  we need to focus on the main things first and that is what is causing our hair loss in the first place.

You really want to focus on combating what is causing your hair loss and then focus on hair growth afterwards.

With that being said, the main causes of hair loss such as CCCA (alopecia) or female pattern balding is INFLAMMATION.

This means you should be  using cleansing products that not only cleanse you hair and scalp but also include natural ingredients that have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antibacterial properties and ingredients that will help calm and sooth the scalp such as;

Soothing and Calming.

Lavender, Chamomile, Hibiscus,Peppermint, Vetiver oil

Anti microbial and Anti-Bacterial

Tea Tree oil, Manuka oil, Eucalyptus oil, Cedar wood, Lemongrass, Ginger root, Neem oil/Leaf Powder, Lemon balm etc.

Cooling Botanical Infused Shampoo Bar

Include ingredients such; as Chamomile, Hibiscus, Neem, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and Peppermint.

Botanical Scalp Cleansing Serum. (Recipe here)

Include; Ginger Root, Manuka oil and  Lemon balm

How often  to cleanse and clarify the hair when you suffer from hair loss?

When you suffer from hair loss such as CCCA Alopecia or Female pattern balding some of the symptoms may include, dry, itchy, tender and irritated scalp. This is why it  is very important to keep you scalp clean, however you don’t want to over cleanse your scalp or use harsh ingredients that should disrupt the natural balance of the scalp.

Why? Over cleansing you scalp may cause you scalp to be too dry and irritated and, an irritated scalp leads to inflammation which leads to hair loss and this is what we are trying to avoid.

On the other hand not cleaning you scalp could lead to excess build up, clogged pores, bacterial and fugal growth which could  also cause hair loss. So your best bet is to find a really nice balance of how often you should cleanse and clarify your hair.


How often to cleanse or clarify your hair to help with hair loss such as CCCA Alopecia and female pattern balding?


Many of us always forget to clarify or shy away from it because we think it to abrasive of stripping. However you suffer from CCCA Alopecia  this would be a good place to start you hair regime. Clarifying your hair will give you a nice clean slat to start from.

Clarifying the hair is just as important as cleaning the hair. You need to remember that cleansing the hair still leaves some oils behind and this will eventually lead to build up on the scalp.

Although clarifying the hair means we are completely striping the hair and scalp of all the excess oils doesn’t mean it has to be harsh or abrasive.

This is why I would highly recommend using a clay mask to clarify your hair and scalp, it’s natural, its gentle and  its effective.

Clay masks act as detoxifiers for your hair and scalp without it being abrasive or leaving you hair feeling striped. It also helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells that may have accumulated on the scalp, unclogging the hair follicles allowing room for healthier hair growth.

A clay mask is gentle enough to be used often, however we recommend using a clay mask every 6-8weeks.

This is why you should try our Clarify and Condition Triple Clay Mask.


At the very start of your journey you really want to assess how your scalp feels. If you have very itchy scalp then you might want to  cleanse your hair with a shampoo using the guidelines above or our cooling botanical infused shampoo bar at east once every week for at least 6weeks.Then you can slowly ease your way into cleansing your hair every two weeks thereafter.

Finding the balance

Whether you wash you hair every week or every 2wks really depends on how on scalps feels, this will determine how long you can stretch your wash days for.

If you feel like your scalp gets itchy when left longer than a week then stick to cleansing every week, however if you feel that during your 6wks of cleansing every week your scalp feels slightly tender or sore this generally means you are cleansing you hair too often and need to switch to every 2wks instead.

So lets summarise

Cleansing and clarifying your hair is very important, however when you suffer from CCCA Alopecia, Scarring Alopecia or Female pattern balding, how often and what ingredients you use if very important not to cause further inflammation.

Cleansing and Clarifying Routine

Weekly Regimen 

Week1 : Clarify with (Clarify and Condition Triple Clay Mask) 

Week 2,3,4 5 Cleanse with  (Cooling Botanical Infused Shampoo Bar) 

Week 6:  Go back to week 1 Clarify with )Clarify and Condition Triple Clay Mask) 

Bi-Weekly Regimen  

Week 1 Clarify with (Clarify and Conditioning  Triple Clay Mask)

Week 3&5 Cleanse with (Cooling Botanical Infused Shampoo Bar) 

Week 7 Go back to week 1 (Clarify with Clarify and Condition Triple Clay Mask)

( then every week or every two weeks there after)


So I have a few questions for you

  1. How often do you cleanse  or clarify your hair?
  2. Have you very thought of using a clay mask as a natural clarifier instead of a stripping shampoo?
  3. Have you tried our Cooling Botanical Infused Shampoo Bar cor Clarify and Condition Triple Clay Mask?

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  • I have a question. Do you use the tea hair rinse after washing and conditioning?


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