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How to prepare for washday in five easy simple steps

I personally think washdays’ should be one of the best days’ of the week, cause well why not right.

Okay, okay, I know a lot of us  don’t necessary look forward to washdays, especially when we are experiencing Alopecia, However now that you have taken the time to invest in such amazing  botanical based products, why shouldn’t washday be an amazing experience.
So let me walk you through five simple easy steps to make your washdays an amazing experience, oh and by the way step 5 is my fav


Step 1; Decide on what treatment you are going to be doing that washday and stick to it.

If you are anything like me, haircare is the one things that you really love to invest time and money into.
You even have a separate shelve to showcase all the amazing products that you have, you have everything you need from  moisturising, to strengthening to protein treatments.
This can sometimes cause you to be indecisive or overwhelmed when washday comes around. So with that being said, depending  on where you are on your haircare journey and what your goals are,  you need to make a decision on what treatment you are doing that day and try and stick to it. 

I’m doing a protein treatment today,
My hair feels a bit brittle and dry, so I’m going to do more of a hydrating and moisture treatment, 
I’ve been experience a lot of shedding lately, so I’m going to be doing straight hair mask treatments for the next few washdays.


Step 2 Prepare your cold tea rinse the night before washday?

I love doing cold tea rinses,  to tell you the honest truth, whenever I miss doing my cold tea rinses at the end of my washday routine, my hair doesn’t feel the same.

So how does a cold rinse actually help, well helps to close the hair cuticles so your hair is nice and smooth and less fizzy.

Using a botanical tea rinse means you have the added benefits of strengthening and conditioning the hair as well.


Preparing you tea rinse the night before washday means that its already been  prepared, plus It has had the chance to cool down to room temperature so you are not having to wait around on your washdays.

You can easy make your tea rinse (recipe here) or you can  purchase our amazing Strengthening and Sonditioning Botanical Tea Rinse.


Step 3 Pre-Cleanse  your scalp

Okay so you’re probably thinking, what on earth is pre-cleansing Catherine? Okay wait let me explain, so pre-cleansing is when you cleanse your scalp with an oil first before cleansing with shampoo.

Ahh okay, but why? Well in theory and science, like dissolves like, so because our scalp naturally produces a wax called sebum and we also sometimes like to lubricate our scalps with different natural oils, after a while we start to get build up on our scalp.

Using  an oil to pre-cleanse the scalp will help to naturally and gently dissolve all the debris of oil buildup on your scalp before you go in with your shampoo as the second cleanse.

We have a blog post on double cleansing together with a recipe, or you can purchase our Botanical Scalp Cleansing Serum.


Step 4 Pre-Poo

This is when you use an oil on the strands of your hair to prepare it for the shampoo process, This is where you use a mixture of penetrating oils to lubricate your hair strands. The main advantage of doing a pre-shampoo treatment is  to prevent the shampoo from over stripping the hair and to also prevent hair protein loss.

This is where you can use our our Pre-Shampoo Hair Serum, which is made from both penetrating and hydrating hair oils so your hair is fully prepared for the washday experience.

We do have a pre-poo hair (recipe here) or you purchase our amazing Pre-shampoo hair serum


Step 5 prepare yourself an amazing breakfast

We are finally here my favourite part FOOD!!!, yes make youself a nice indulging, wholesome breakfast. I mean lets face it washdays take hours, so we might as well enjoy ourselves, make it into a spa day, my favourite breakfasts to have on washdays are; Pancakes or Waffles with strawberries, bananas and Nutella full indulge moment.

So I usually start  to prepare my breakfast after my Pre-Shampoo so I can let all the nourishing oils sit on my hair and scalp for at least an hour.


So I have a few questions for you?

How do you prepare for wash days?

What’s your favourite thing to do on wash days?

Are they any new routines you are going to start doing on your washdays?

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