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How to use the fundamentals of Botanical Energetics to promote Hair growth

Botanical Energetics Hair care and Hair Growth. 


Having dealt with CCCA Alopecia for over 20years I really wanted to find a natural alternative  that would help to combat hair loss other than the use of steroids. 

Over the last few years I have been diving deep into  the studies of Botanicals, how they work. how to use them more effectively and most importantly how they can help with hair loss and hair growth. 

In today's blog post, you will  not only learn the foundational fundamentals of how “Botanical Science” actually works but also how I have been able to use that to formulate our botanical hair care products.  

Don't forget to take  the “Botanical Hair care Quiz” to find out the best  hair care kit for you. 

What does Botanical actually mean?  

The word Botanical means medicine from plants. So whenever you have used ginger,lemon and honey to cure a cold or used Calendula or lavender to calm a rash, or drank some green tea for indigestion, you have essentially made use of Botanicals. 

Botanical Energetics

Botanical energetics is the foundational fundamentals of how to  properly use Botanicals. According to Botanical Science (aka herbalism) “Botanical  Energetics” is a classification system used to categorise plants based on four main attributes. (Warm,or Cool) and (Dry or Moist) 

So let me give you a few examples to explain this further, the easiest way to explain  this,  is to start with food that we eat. 

Chilli Pepper Energetics: Warming and Drying. 

Have you noticed that two things happen when you consume foods with maybe too much chilli pepper, 

1.You want to drink something to get rid of the dryness and 

2.The drink has to be cold to get rid of the heat. 

So the whole idea here is to achieve energetic balance, so when things are getting too heated we want to cool things down and when things are getting too cool we want to try and heat things up.

How Is Botanical Energetics Used

‘The second  basic fundamental of Botanical Energistics  is that like  creates more like and we are always seeking to have  energetic balance.

So what does this mean,  this means adding heat to heat creates more heat and adding cold to cold creates more col, it really is that simple. So in order to achieve energetic balance we need to be doing the opposite, 

so if something is too warm we need to cool it down and if something is too cold we need to add some heat. So now you’re probably thinking well how does this all work anyway? 

So there are three things you need to know to get the most out of your Botanicals 

  1. Your  own Personal constitution  
  2. Your Current Energetics 
  3. Your chosen Botanicals Energetics

When it comes to Botanical Science, you’re supposed to match the botanical to the person and not the aliment. We do this by first figuring out your personal attributes.This method is actually used in many ancient  traditional practices such as 

Ayurveda, Chinese and East Asian Medicine, African Traditional medicine as well as Narive American traditional medicine. You can find our your personal constitution by answering a few basic questions like the ones in our “Botanical Hair Care Quiz”. 

This will help you figure out if you are (warm or cold) and (dry or moist) 


For example in Ayurveda they use doshas to determine your personal attributes.

Vita = Warming and Dry 

Pitta = Warming and Moist 

Kappa = Cooling and Dry 

In Chinese Medicine they use Yin and Yang 

Ying = Cooling 

Yang = Warming 

Once you learn what your personal constitution and personal energetics are, then you can figure out which biotancials are best for you.

Have you taken your Botanical Hair Care Quiz yet? 

How does knowing my Personal Energetics and Botancal Energetics help with hair growth?  


Peppermint is an excellent botanical that can be used to promote hair growth 

Energetics = Cooling and Drying 

Personal Attributes:  Perfect for those with “warming and moist” attributes. 

Rosemary is also and excellent botanical that can be used to promote hair growth

Energetics = Warming and Drying 

Personal Attributes = Perfect for those with “cooling and drying” attributes

So the whole idea is to find botanicals that will give you an energetic balance, if you are more on the warm side then you should use more cooling botanicals and if you are more on the cooler side you should use more warming botanicals. 

Another question could be, what would happen if I was to combine the two? 

Well Peppermint is more Cooling and Rosemary is more warming, that means combining the two together energetically they will cancel each other out. 

This is because Cooling + Warming = Neutral. 

Hmm have you ever wondered why when you use a product it starts working for a while and then all of a sudden it stops working? Yep this is why, it may be that your not using the right botanicals for your personal energetics. 

What Botanicals products should I be using for my haircare routine? 

There are so many Botanicals out there that promote hair growth and researching them all may take some time. This is why I have put the simple “Botanical Hair care Quiz together. 

Our “Botanical Hair care Quiz” is made up of just a few questions. It will help you learn about your personal constituents as well as which Botanical Hair Care Kit is best for you. 

We have specifically formulated all of our  botanical hair care based on the fundamentals of botanical energetics to make sure you are getting the best out of your natural botanical hair care routine. 

To make things simple we have split our Botanical hair care  products into two categories Cooling and Warming. All you need to do is take the “Botanical Haircare Quiz” to find out what your personal attributes are and which Botanical Hair care kit is right for you. 

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