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Introducing our Botanical CCCA Alopecia Hair Kit. 

One of the main causes of hair loss such as CCCA Alopecia is inflammation, if you are like me and you are currently dealing wit CCCA Alopecia you will notice that some of symptoms may include: a burning sensation in the crown area, sore and itchy scalp, scalp feels really tender. These are high indications of inflammation which equals HEAT. 

Now when we looked at the  fundamentals of Botanical Energetics we found out that like creates  more like. This means if you use  any sort of natural hair growth oils or remedies that have warming botanicals(HEAT) such as fenugreek, Rosemary, it MAY even make your CCCA Alopecia much worse.

This is why we have created the Botanical CCCA Alopecia Haircare Kit. Okay you might be thinking that just using hair growth oils is going to solve the problem, and trust me I’ve been there and done that. 

The truth is hair growth is not the issue, the issue is hair loss. So unless you deal with and manage what is causing the hair loss in the first place, you might not be entirely solving the problem at all. 

So what is the problem anyway? The problem you need to be looking at is inflammation, inflammation, inflammation

SO if you are looking for an all natural remedy to help you combat CCCA Alopecia, then our CCCA Alopecia hair kit was made just for you. 

All the products in the CCCA Alopecia Hair kit has been made with carefully selected natural ingredients. We have also used the fundamentals of Botanical Energetics this means we have only mainly used cooling botanicals that  also have anti-inflammatory properties to formulate all the products to help you combat  hair loss and promote Healthier hair growth. 

Botanical CCCA Alopecia Haircare Kit Guide 

Step 1: Pre-Cleansing Botanical Scalp Serum 

The Cooling Pre-Cleansing Scalp Serum is made with Papaya Seed oil which is naturally high in papain which is an exfoliating enzyme. Papaya Seed oil helps to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells and scarring which is quite common with CCCA Alopecia. 

DdI you also know that Manuka Oil has 30x more antibacterial properties than Tea-Tree oil. 

Step 2: Botancial Pre-Shampoo Hair Serum 

Even though we may be dealing with hair loss and it can be very frustrating, however we still need to make sure we are taking care of our hair and implementing good hair care practices. The Botanical Pre-Shampoo Hair Serum is there to help prepare the hair for the cleansing process. Pre-Pooing the hair help to prevent protein this which means your hair is more able to retain moisture over time. The Botanical Pre-Shampoo Serum can also be used as an hot oil Treatment as well.

Step 3; Cooling Botanical Shampoo Bar  

Cleanse the hair with your botanical Infused shampoo bar. 

Step 4: Hair Mask Treatment Rejuvenate and Restore Hair Mask 

This hair mask  was formulated to  help combat excess hair shedding , hair fall,  

hair loss and female pattern balding.  The main ingredient in each hair mask has a whole Avocado which has been freezes dried into powder form. Avocado are high in vitamins, fatty acids and is a perfect natural moisturiser. 

Amla  has been used for centuries for treating hair loss. Amla is high in  antioxidants as well as vitamin C. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory which helps to calm inflamed and irritated scalp.

Studies have shown that Amla is much more effect for combating hair loss than using steroids such as monioxil.

Studies have also found that Amla can increase hair follicle count by up 97%.

This means that with consistent use,  Amla can help to reduce hair fall and excess hair shedding which will result in having fuller and denser hair.

Brahmi is also a  great herb that has been used for the treatment of hair loss. Brahmin has special fat soluble compounds called Alkaloids, Alkaloids  bound to the proteins in the hair follicles which helps to strengthen the hair from the roots.

Step 5; Strengthen and Condition Botancial Tea Rinse. 

This Botanical Tea Hair Rinse has specifically been formulated to help you combat hair loss strengthen and condition the hair. Using only 100% natural and organic ingredients. Just by using this Botanical Tea Hair Rinse consistently at the end of your washday routine, you will start to notice that your hair feels stronger, hair shedding dramatically reduced, hair is less frizzy and more shine, hair feels soft and not hard and crunchy.

Step 6; Cooling Botanical Daily Scalp Serum. 

Nourish  your scalp with the botanical packed daily scalp serum, made with over 18 different organic botanicals to help you combat hair loss and stimulate hair growth. 

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