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Introducing our new Botanical Hair Care kits

Have you ever experienced any of the following. 

  • You use a  particular hair growth product, it works really well for a while and then all of a sudden it stops working? 
  • A particular hair growth product has worked  for someone else but it did absolutely nothing for you?
  • You are experiencing hair loss and you decide to  jam pack your hair care routine with every natural product out there, only for it to either not work at all or make the problem even worse? 

Well I have personally experienced all of the above and these are some of the reasons why I founded Kinkyfro Botanicals and it wasn’t until i found out about Botanical Fundamentals that i started to see results.(Blog post here) 

I have spent the last two years really diving deep into the studies of botanicals and how they can help combat hair loss and promote healthier hair growth.

Allow me to introduce our two new  botanicals hair care kits. 

Kinkyfro Botancials now have two botancial haircare kits Cooling Botanical Haircare Kit and the Warming Botanical Hair Care Kit. 

So how does this actually work?  well the botanical hair care kit you choose will depend on your personal energetics. 

So  if your personal energetics suggest you are more on the Warm side then you should use our Cooling Botanical Haircare Kit. 

If your personal energetics suggest you are more on the Cool side then you should choose our Warming Botanical Haircare Kit

Why do I have to choose a kit based on this energetic stuff anyway?

Well that's a good question, so according to Botanical Science (aka herbalism) Like creates more like and what you really want is energetic balance.

So if you are more on the warm side and you use warming botanicals all you are doing is adding more warmth this creates an energetic unbalance and that’s not what we want. 

This means if your personal  energetics is on the warmer side then you should be using more cooling botanicals to get energetic balance and the most out of your botanical hair care. And if your personal energetics is on the cooler side then you should use more warming botanicals. 

So what botanicals are cooling and which ones are warming. 

So i have included some botanicals that are mostly used for promoting hair growth and I’ve split them into cooling and warming to give you a much better idea. 



So how do I find out which kit to use? 

We have actually made it super simple by putting together a very short quiz that allows you to know what your personal energetics is and which botanical hair care kit is best for you. Just click the link here to get started. 

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