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Introduction “Operation Grow Your Hair Back”

Operation Grow Your Hair Back Introduction 

Okay so why the dramatic tille, well I’m Nigerian and in my culture whenever we want to get really serious about something we usually like to use the word “OPERATION”. 

So since hair growth is something that I take very seriously I thought why not. 

I am extremely passionate about hair grow and I truly believe att every woman deserves to have a full head of hair well into her sixties. One of our main aims at Kinkyfro Boatnicals to to help you on the journey to achieving that. 

So what is “Operation grow my hair back”, 

Operation grow your hair back is a journey that we are going to embark on together for the next six months to 9 months.  We will be focusing on every detail of our hair care routine, hair care practices and most importantly our diet and nutrition. 

So it's been over a year now since we launched our first product on our website, which was the Botanical Scalp Serum. It was specifically  formulated initially to help me with my CCCA Alopecia and it really gav amazing results. Sadly there is not a lot of scientific research done on CCCA Alopecia and scientists as well as dermatologists have suggested that there is no cure and the only option is  either the use of steroids and/or just managing the symptoms as they come. You can also read a more detailed blog post on CCCA Alopecia here

However we  are still on a mission and have been working  behind the scenes, doing a lot of research on how we can use natural botanicals to combat  and manage hair loss without the need of using chemical steroids. 

As you may or may not know I myself have been battling with CCCA Alopecia for over 2 decades and it was one of the reasons why I founded this company. Our main aim  at Kinkyfro Botanicals is to not only manage hair loss such as CCCA and other forms of Alopecia but to also stop it from re-occurring. We believe it is possible to have a full head of healthy Afro hair that we can be proud of no matter what your age. 

So lets do this together

I no longer what this to be my story I want this to be your story. I would love for you to join me on this journey to really actually grow our hair back. I honestly believe that if you are still under the age of 65 you should still have a full head of healthy hair, unless of course  it is due to a serious medical condition. 

I know there  are plenty of women out there who feel the same, some I have meet in person and some online who are really frustrated about not being able to grow their natural hair back due to hair loss such as CCCA Alopecia, Traction Alopecia and Alopecia Areata to name a few. So lets make the possibilities possible and into a reality. 

So how does  “Operation Grow Your Hair Back” work?

During this Challenge we are going to be using the 80/20 rule. 80%  focus on diet, nutrition and lifestyle and 20% on haircare

We will be looking at every step of our hair care routine and ask ourselves the question why am i doing this, how does this benefit towards the overall health of my hair and scalp, how does this help towards my overall hair growth and most importantly how will this help me combat issues regarding hair loss and breakage. 

Over the last year I have really been focusing on every intricate detail of my hair care routine including things like how often to wash my hair, what protective styles work best and for how long, how often to wash my hair, what I do before and after I wash my hair etc. This has really helped me discover what my hair likes best, how natural ingredients work and how diet and lifestyle can have a huge impact on hair growth. 

Why start this challenge now? 

The reason why I’m starting this challenge now is beau so I’m looking for consistency. I want to be able to combine everything I have learnt over the past year and be able to put that into a consistent routine that would hopefully help supercharge our hair growth. 

Would you like to join me?

I would love for you to join me on this journey. In the next series of blog posts  I would be sharing in detail all the steps, routines, supplies and anything that I think would be useful for you to join me and follow along to achieve amazing results so look out  for that coming soon. 

PS if you would like to join please leave a comment below. 


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