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All Our Product will now be Pre-Orders Only

All our products will now be on Pre-Order only from 1st of July 2021

So how will this actually work?

This means that you can now only pre-order your favourite products from the 1st - 7th of every month and your product will be manufacture and shipped out within 2weeks.

Why pre-order only?

All our products are hand made from fresh botanicals such as dried herbs, oils and  our avocado powder hair mask is made from fresh avocados and preservative free, this means that our product dont have as long a shelf life as conventional over the counter Haircare product  that may last up to 2yrs

Having products on pre-order will make sure that you are getting the highest quality, freshly hand made product 

We want to make  sure that you are getting the best quality hand made products at all times, with the longest possible shelf life and use from the day you purchase.

Placing all products on pre-order will mean you are getting your products freshly made every time you purchase.

When will my products be shipped out?

All pre-orders will take place the first week or every month, this will be from 1st-7th of every month and all orders will be shipped out within two weeks after pre-orders have closed.

This means all orders will be shipped out by 21st of the month at the latest. This will give us one week to source all the ingredients and manufacture the products and another week to ship out your freshly made products.

Can I still order after Pre-orders have closed?

No, however you can just send us to email to check if we still have left over stock form previous pre-order. If there is no left over stick you would have to wait for the nest pre-order.

Not to worry though, we will always send you an email reminder to let you know what pre-orders are re-opened.


Can I cancel or change my pre-order?

You can always cancel or change yogurt pre-order as long as the items have not already been shipped.



if you do have any questions, please leave them as a comment below so we can add your answers to this post. 

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