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Step 1: “Operation growth your hair Back”

Step 1: Preparing for the challenge
“Operation growth your hair Back” 

We need to have a plan

I’m Sure you have heard of the saying, “failing to plan is planning to fail’

This challenge is not intended with failure in mind  at all and we are here to make absolutely sure of that. 

One of my pet peeves about natural hair care, natural hair journeys and maybe even the natural hair community is that it can sometimes be extremely overwhelming and complicated. It kind of made me wonder why does our hair have to be so complicated.  My Grandmother, God bless her soul, had waist length hair and she doesn’t even know what a Pre-Poo was or even a LOC method, she just made sure her hair was clean, mositured with basically water and oil and wore a protective style, more importantly my Grandmother used mostly natural ingredients on her hair cause that’s all she knew and guess what it worked. 

I'm very sure that many of you could also relate as well, plus I’m also pretty sure our ancestors also had long hair without all this complicated mess. 

One of the things many new naturals suffer from is information overload, too many products on the market claiming to do the same thing and too many steps in your hair care routine that we don’t even know why we are doing them. 

However even after all this, Black Women especially are still struggling with hair growth and hair loss. 

The whole point of this challenge is to really simplify the process, get rid of all the confusion, overwhelm and information overload. This Challenge will allow you to learn what really works best for your hair by using carefully selected botanicals and  simple step by step methods to achieve long and healthy hair. 

So how are we going to prepare?

Step 1. Take a before photo or even video  fo your hair, problem area or entire head. 

Step 2;  Set yourself a goal  and ONE GOAL only (e.g reduce shedding, reach a certain length, refill edges, grow back bald patches etc) 

Step 3. Follow Operation grow your hair back challenge and weekly blogs. 

How to set your Hair Grow Goal for Success

We will be using the SMART for our goal setting for this challenge

Specific: As you will only be choosing one goal you need to make it very specific. I will be main focusing on growing the hair in my crown area and this is where i have the most majour concerns. 

Measurable: Make sure you can actually measure your progress, this is why we are taking before photos, this will allow me too see how much my hai growing and if it’s getting denser or still thinning out. 

Attainable: Make sure your goal is challenging enough so you know that you have to consistently work towards it and you know that you have achieved what you know is possible. My aim is to have a full head of hair back to its normal destiny. 

Realistic: Most of us know that the fundamental contributing factor to hair growth and leng is genetics. Please make sure that your  goals are realistic. Do not expect to grow 12inc of hair in 6mths if your normal genetics does not allow. 

Time:  Set yourself a time frame for achieving your stated hair goal. This part is the easiest as we have already set this challenge to last for 6-9mths. 

What to expect next?

Over the coming weeks, we will be guiding you through a step by step process, sharing simple  natural hair recipes and DIY’s and more importantly educational content on how we can make this journey successful. 

Taking care and growing your hair should be something you look forward to and most importantly your hair should be one of the CROWNS you are very proud of, so lets make it happen. 

Check out introduction post to “Operation Grow Your Hair Back”

Please comment down below.  

1.What is your ONE Hair Goal for this challenge? 

2, what is  one of the biggest challenges you have found so far on your natural hair journey?

P.S our next blog post will be all about cleansing


  • 1. To grow back bald areas caused by tight box braids :(
    2. Being consistent in my routine :(

  • Hello ,
    First I want to say a big thank you for what you’re doing and also challenging everyone of us all to push ourselves even further and better 🤗

    For me , I would say thicker hair would be my goal

    Secondly , my biggest challenge would be TRANSITIONING!!!

    But I’m also glad I’m embarking on this journey as I’ve learned and unlearned so many things .

    I also hope to get the best of this challenge xx



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