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Step 4: “Operation Grow Your Hair Back”

Cold Tea Rinsing
Operation Growth Your Hair Back 

When I’m not being absolutely lazy on my wash days I love doing a Cold Tea Rinse. I can always tell the difference in my hair when I don’t do a cold rinse and most times always regret  not taking the to make up my Hair Tea beforehand. The amazing thing about doing a tea rinse is that you can make the tea specifically to your needs and my hair feels so much softer and smoother and less frizzy afterwards. 

What is Tea Rinsing?

Hair Tea rinsing is when you combine a few herbal teas with different properties  depending on your hair concerns and goals. Tea rinsing is done at the very end of your wash day routine. 

Why Cold Rinsing? 

Cold rinsing after washing and conditioning help to shut the cuticles of the hair, this means the hair will appear to be more shiny, less frizzy and avoid moisture loss. 

How can Cold Tea Rinsing help? 

Tea rinsing has so many benefits, mainly because you can pick and choose from so many different herbs and tea leafs based on your hair concerns and then combine to form your own hair Tea Rinse.

Tea Rinsing can help with  excess hair shedding, increasing blood  flow to the scalp hair strengthening as well as softening and conditioning the hair. The bonus of making the tea rinse cold makes the hair shiny and less fizzy.  

Tea Rinse Recipe

I like using a tea rinse that has a combination of properties, This  tea rinse recipe will help with strengthening, conditioning and softening our hair. 

 1 cup Hibiscus 

¼ Horsetail 

¼ Bamboo 

¼ Green Tea 

¼ Marshmallow Root 

¼ Burdock Root 

 Combine these all together, mix well and pour into a mason jar. 

How to make and Use  Cold Tea Rinse 

  1. Add 2Tbs of your  Hair Tea the night before wash day to large jug 
  2. Add 4 cups of boiling hat water 
  3. Allow to steep for 20mins 
  4. Staring and allow to cool down completely 
  5. After washing, conditioning your hair 
  6. Place a bowl in the sink or bathtub to catch the tea when rinsing 
  7. Pour the cold tea over your entire hair and massage it into your scalp 
  8. With the tea caught in the bowl, repeat the rinse two more times 
  9. Ring out any excess water. 
  10. Style hair as usual 

A few Questions for you? 

  1. Have you ever tried/considered cold rinsing 
  2. would you be willing to try out this recipe 
  3. If you have tried cold rinsing/Tea Rinsing, what has been your experience so far. 

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