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Step 3: “Operation Grow Your Hair Back” Pre-Poo

Pre-Pooing the Hair 

Operation Grow Your Hair Back 


In our previous blog post we talked about double cleansing, this is where we prepare our scalps for the shampoo process and also taking that extra step to making sure that we unclog our pores and get the full benefits of washing and cleansing on wash days. 

In today's blog post we will be going into detail about Pre-Shampooing our hair AKA Pre-po, again another step in preparation for wash day. Remember ladies and gents having clean scalp is the first step towards combating  hair loss and promoting healthy hair growth. 

What is Pre-Pooing?

Pre-Pooing is a process done by many naturals of all hair types. Shampooing, cleansing or any type of wash day routine in general,  can be a very long and sometimes a harsh process on the hair. However like every other part of the body, the hair and scalp must be cleaned  from time to time. 

Having kinky hair means that our hair can be very delicate and extremely prone to drying out and breakage.  This is why Pre-pooing  is a very important step in most naturals’ hair care regime and it should be a part of yours too. 

How and when to Pre-Poo?

Pre-poo is the process of where you apply a selection of hair penetrating oils to the entire hair shaft working your way in sections. Then covering the hair with a heat cap and allowing it to sit for at least an hour or overnight, however if you decide to do a hot oil treatment instead this can be left on for just 30mins. 

The most specific time to pre-poo your hair is before you shampoo, some naturals do this the day before and leave it overnight and some prefer to do it on the day of their wash day.  I would suggest you do at the best time that is more convenient to you depending on your hair type and schedule. 


What are the benefits of Pre-pooing and why should I even bother? 

I do understand that washdays are already a long process but every little helps and each step does count. When you see how lustrous  and healthy your hair is, you would thank yourself for all the hard work and extra time  you put in. 

So some of the benefits of Pre-pooing are as follows; 

  • It prevents shampoos or harsh cleansers  from completely stripping the hair of its natural oils  
  • It prevents hydraul fatigue (This is when there is too much water entering the hair shaft.) 
  • It prevents protein loss from the hair (hair is less fragile and prone to breakage)
  • It helps in getting rid of shedded hair and may also help with detangling when using lubricating oils 
  • It can slap double up as a hot oil treatment for the hair, adding lustre shine and nourishment to the hair. 

Pre-Poo Treatment oil Treatment Recipe and application. 

The oil point of he pre-poo treatment is to use oils that will penetrate the hair shaft, we are going to be using three main oils that do just that. 

Pre-Poo Hair oil  Treatment Recipe 

  • Coconut oil helps to prevent protein loss and hydraulic fatigue. (this can be replaced with Babassu Oil). 
  • Olive oil  and Avocado also penetrate the hair shaft and are highly moisturising 
  • Add 1 Tbs of each oil to a 50ml glass dropper bottle and shake well (glass bottle mean that is can double up as a hot oil treatment as well)

Applying Pre-Poo Hair Oil Treatment 

  1. After apply Pre-Cleansing Serum to the Scalp
  2. Divide hair into sections 
  3. Apply a few drops to you plan rub together to warm up the oils 
  4. Apply oil directly to the hair making sure entire hair is covered 
  5. Cover the hair with a heat cap and bonnet or towel 
  6. Let is sit for at least 30-mins to an hour 
  7. Proceed to shampoo hair with Botanical Shampoo Bar. 

What if you really want to take things a bit further?

I have been really intrigued with aloe Vera lately and  they are a ton of videos on Youtube of how its amazing for hair growth, so naturals even use it as a pre-poo treatment. So thought for this challenge why don’t we try both, 

Aloe Vera + Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment. 

  1. Apply Aloe Vera Gel to entire hair
  2. Follow steps applying pre-poo treatment oil above. 

Pre-Pooing Operation Grow your hair back

I have included some videos for you below that I think would be the most helpful for you to learn more about Aloe Vera, it’s benefits, plus how to prepare your Aloe Vera Leaf and extract the gel content properly and safely. 
  1. Remove the poisonous sap from the Aloe Vera Leaf 
  2. Removing the Gel from the Aloe Leaf and using as pre poo treatment. 

Do I have to do both for this challenge? 

No you don’t have to do both for this challenge as some of you may be allergic to Aloe Vera or may not be able to really access the fresh Aloe Vera leave so I would suggest you do at least the oil treatment for your Pre-Poo at a minimum and then if you re comfortable then you can include the Aloe Vera as well. 

So i have a few questions for you, 

  1. Do you religiously pre-poo at the moment if not why? 
  2. Would you be trying out any of these recipes? 
  3. If you already have a Pre-poo routine and recipe please share it in the comments below


  • I really enjoy reading your blogs and I’ll definitely try these recipes out. I used to pre poo just with olive oil. But now I have CCCA I’m willing to make this. Keep up the good work!

    Soyini Linger
  • I really enjoy reading your blogs and I’ll definitely try these recipes out. I used to pre poo just with olive oil. But now I have CCCA I’m willing to make this. Keep up the good work!

    Soyini Linger

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