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Moisturise and Restore Avocado Pulp Powder Hair Mask
Moisturise and Restore Avocado Pulp Powder Hair Mask

Moisturise and Restore Avocado Pulp Powder Hair Mask

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  • For dry, brittle, damaged and dull hair
  • Avocados are high in fatty acids making it an excellent moisturiser
  • improves the shine of the hair
  • Helps to condition and soften brittle hair 

100% natural avocado  hair mask mask, the easiest and quickest diy hair mask just add water mix and apply. 

This avocado mask powder  is made from the whole pulp of the avocado that has been freeze dried, so you get the whole avocado in a convenient powder form. The freeze drying process means that all the nutrients and fatty moisturising properties of the avocado are all kept intact.

What does this mean for you, it means no more cutting, chopping, mashing blending or waiting for avocados to ripe you will be getting a fully natural,  moisturising avocado hair mask in less than 3mins.


Key Player Ingredients

Avocado high in fatty acids, this makes it an excellent moisturiser for dull, dry and brittle hair. Avocado is high in vitamins and amino acids, which helps to strengthen and restore damaged hair.

Coconut Milk is packed with various vitamins and minerals  is excellent for restoring ring damaged hair.

 Bananas are rich in potassium which helps with restoring the hairs elasticity so hair is less prone to breakage.


Marshmallow Root is high in mucilage, this helps with detangling the hair. Mucilage also binds to the proteins of the shaft allowing the hair to appear thicker.


Sure there are loads of avocado mask on the market and most only use the avocado oil and not the whole avocado itself, but because avocado oil is one of the main ingredients and it is a moisturising oil therefore it can be called avocado mask.

Wash days are long enough as it is. This is Most  times we really love a good all natural DIY hair mask, but frankly who has the  time, this is why our Avocado Powder mask is the perfect solution.

The avocado powder mask is so easy to use, all you do it’s just add water, mix and apply. Not only that it even comes with a recipe book so you can get supper creative, you can even mix it in with any of your fav conditioners to give it a boost.  


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United Kingdom United Kingdom
Lovely Mask and Great service

I love the mask and it leaves my hair beautifully nourished. Had a slight problem with my order but it was all sorted out quickly. It was such a great service, thank you!

Kinkyfro Botanicals

Hi Ann, thank you so much for your feedback, hope to see you again soon. Please dont forget to check your inbox fro your coupon

Elizabeth .
Nigeria Nigeria
Wonderful hair mask and shampoo bar

The first I saw the shampoo bar i was excited because it wasn't like my regular shampoo in a bottle. It really cleansed my hair and for the mask it is amazing. I used it consistently for about three months and my hair growth elated. I also went ahead to mix it with a conditioner and my hair felt soft, moisturized and well treated. Everyone needs to get these products, it is really amazing. Thank you kinkyfrobotanicals♥️

Sacha A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Love this mask, so different!

I really love the concept of this, avocado as a hair product ingredient usually just means avocado oil so this is a really fresh angle and with great benefits. Clean, safe, natural and it works. I have long hair and got 3-4 uses from the pack. Something to note, it doesn't have a lot of slip so isn't a detangling product. I found it best used either with a conditioner that has a lot of slip or after detangling. The marketing leaflets inside are brilliant, lots of useful info and suggestions of use. You can tell a lot of knowledge and care has gone into these products.

Rachael .
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Perfect Mask!

I absolutely love this mask as it leaves my hair always feeling very nourished and moisturised I use this mask every wash day on its own or mixed with my conditioner and its feels like I am feeding my hair avocado smoothie lol! love it!