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About us

Hair loss is very common in both men and women. Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors such as age, genetics, illness, poor diet, chemical treatments or even the environment. Experiencing hair loss can be embarrassing and it may also have a huge impact on your confidence. 
There are a number of treatments out there, ranging from injecting steroids into the scalp to in extreme cases having a hair transplant. However, most people would prefer not to have to go through these kinds of extremes and would rather try a more natural alternative if available.  
Our belief at Kinkyfro Botanicals is that most of what we need is provided to us from mother nature herself.  Our aim is to find the highest quality, natural ingredients to make naturally safe remedies that can help to combat hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.  
We also believe that your hair regime should be as simple as possible whilst using handmade products with  natural ingredients,
We at KinkyFro Botanicals infuse all our products with carefully selected organic botanicals and natural oils that will help you towards your journey to healthy hair growth.