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Botanical Pre-Shampoo Hair Serum

Botanical Pre-Shampoo Hair Serum

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Moisturising, hydrating and strengthening Botanical Pre-Shampoo Hair Serum

The Botanical Pre-Shampoo hair serum will make sure you are getting your wash days off to a perfect start.

Washday can be a very long process and wearing on the hair, specially with the swelling and contracting as we come in and out of the shower.

AddIng  Pre-shampoo treatment as part of your washday routine would allow you to  prevent excess protein loss. It also prevent nay harsh shampoos from over striping the natural oils from the hair. 

The Botanical Pre-Shampoo Hair Serum has been formulated with penetrating and hydrating oils infused with mineral rich botanicals such as nettle leads and horsetail to help strengthen the hash as well as give it lustre and shine. 


Key  Player Ingredients 

Babassu Oil 

  • Perfect alternative to coconut oil 
  • High in fatty acids, Lauric acid and is extremely moisturising 
  • Promotes healthy hair and scalp 
Andiroba Oil 
  • HIgh in fatty acids 
  • High in vitamins A,B,C and E 
  • Helps to repair damaged hair  

Nettle leaf extract 

  • Rich in silica and sulfur
  • Helps to strengthen the hair and combat hair loss  

  • This should be done before shampooing the hair. 
  • Part hair into manageable sections 
  • Add a few pumps of the serum to the palm of your hand 
  • Rub your hands together to evenly distribute the oil 
  • Apply the serum to each section of hair form root to tip 
  • Cover the hair with a plastic cap and heat cap or towel 
  • Leave on for 30mins-1hr 
  • continue to shampoo hair as usual 


Babassu Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Andiroba Oil, Nettle Leaf Extract, Horsetail Extract.