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Rejuvenate and Restore Avocado Pulp Powder Hair Mask
Rejuvenate and Restore Avocado Pulp Powder Hair Mask
Rejuvenate and Restore Avocado Pulp Powder Hair Mask

Rejuvenate and Restore Avocado Pulp Powder Hair Mask

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  • Reduce excess hair shedding and hair fall 
  • increase hair density and volume with consistent use 
  • strengthens hair follicles to  help reduce hair loss 
  • 100% natural  and organic ingredients, so a natural treatment for hair loss. 

This 100% natural hair mask will help to  reduce  hair shedding and hair fall within just four uses. With consistent use hair excess hair shedding and hair fall with reduce, resulting in fuller and denser hair. 

just add Water, Mix and apply. Using this Rejuvenate and Restore Avocado Hair mask  for at least 4 weeks or up to four washdays will dramatically help reduce  hair shedding and hair fall fall. This will result in having thicker, fuller and healthier hair.

 Key  Player Ingredients 


  • Amla is very high in vitamin C, E and antioxidants.
  • Amla is a natural Ayurvedic Herb that been used for centuries for treating hair loss and promoting hair growth.   
  • Amla helps to block 5alpha reductase enzymes which means less DHT Which is commonly linked to female pattern hair loss
  • 1% of Amla in a solution increased hair follicle count by over 97% which means hair will appear thicker and fuller with consistent use.
  • Can help to reduce premature greying.
  • Antimicrobial, anti inflammatory  which helps to speed up the healing of wounds and cuts on the scalp specially Iif you have CCCA alopecia.
  • Studies done on rats  have shown that Amla is more effective than minoxidil (Rogain)  which is a common steroid for treating CCCA alopecia.
  • Due to high vitamin C content Amla helps to stimulates collagen production
  • Is High in Photo-nutrients vitamins and minerals helps to increase blood circulation on the scalp and stimulate hair growth.
  • Helps to restore hair moisture


  • Brahmi contains a molecule called triterpenoids and Alkaloids.
  • Alkaloids in Brahmi bind to the protein in the hair follicles which helps to strengthen the hair follicles and reduce hair loss.
  • Brahmi is also high in vitamin C which helps with collagen production.
  • Brahmi is also an anti-oxidant and helps  with healing  of  cuts and wounds on the scalp


Root Marshmallow

  • Root is high in mucilage, this helps with detangling the hair. Mucilage also binds to the proteins of the shaft allowing the hair to appear thicker.


Avocado Pulp Powder, Amla Powder, Brahmi Powder, Marshmallow Root Powder. 

Hair Mask  Recipe and Directions 

2tbs Rejuvenate and  Restore Avocado Pulp Powder 

1/2Tbs of your favourite Oil

3Tbs of Hot Water

Mix until smooth.

Apply to freshly washed hair from root to tip

Leave on the hair for at least 30mins (no need to cover or apply heat)

Rinse out and complete the rest of your wash day routine as normal.